Christian churches attacked by Muslim extremists

Sometimes I wonder if political liberation is always a good thing—at least for Christians around the world.  Egypt’s Coptic Christians and churches have been under attack again since yesterday.  Muslim extremists just burned down a church and has sparked new protests. (read New York Times and Catholic Online)

Since President Hosni Mubarak was kicked out, these Egyptian extremists are beginning to think they have free reign to persecute Christians.  Same thing happened to Iraqi Christians after Saddam Hussein was on the run.  It may be a political game of choose the leader who will hinder your personal interest the least—not necessarily choose who you think would make the best leader for the nation.

2 thoughts on “Christian churches attacked by Muslim extremists

  1. Thanks for reminding us about our need to be self-aware. Human nature’s tendency is toward all kinds of sin. Your example of the Bosnia and Mladic and Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army may have been driven by twisted ideologies of religion and politics, as are also, Muslim extremists by their twisted ideologies of religion and state politics. We need to bring correction into our world by doing and encouraging what is right and just.


  2. You are right that political dictators benefit from a stable country and since they often care far more about money and power than any religion, they suppress everyone’s age-old feuds so that the economy can generate cash for the dictator.

    Then, when they remove the dictator, the age old hatreds re-emerge.

    BUT, it is not safe for everyone. Remember, Christians can turn into murders too:

    Former Yugoslavia wher Serbian Christians slaughtered Muslims in the Bosnia War and particularly the horrific story of the Srebrenica massacre.

    Rwanda Genocide 1994

    Uganda’s “Lord’s Resistance Army

    Just to name a few. But this is not surprising. Time and again studies show that religion does not guarentee desirable moral behavior.


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