My prediction tonight: Vancouver Canucks will hoist the Stanley Cup. I believe…

The series is now tied 3-to-3.  The last game tonight, Game 7 (5PM PST / 8PM EST), between the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins, will be a “winner take all”. I can’t believe it!…but I still believe!

The historic Boston Bruins has not won the cup in 39 years, and the Vancouver Canucks has never won the cup in their 40 year history.  Both teams and their fans want to end their drought and win the cup badly, but I think Vancouver fans want it more.  As usual, the street parties will be crazier than what it was during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

No one thought it would come down to the last game for the Stanley Cup finals.  It has been a totally confusing series to predict because both teams won all their games on home ice, and lost all their games played away from home. I can’t predict which way it will go anymore because it has gone so differently from what we all expected–Boston fans included.

Bruins goalie, Tim Thomas, has been playing great in this series–better than Canucks goaltender, Roberto Luongo.  Canucks star players, the Sedin twins, have been shut down by Boston; so it’s come down to the other three lines to get the job done for the Canucks.  Personally, I like the passing-skating game but I think the Canucks must play a physical-hitting game like they did in games 1, 2, and 5 in order to defeat the Bruins.

As crazy Canucks fans, we’re really hoping for the Canucks to hoist the cup. Tonight, I believe Luongo will play well again at home…the Sedins will show what they can really do… The Canucks will refrain from taking dumb penalties, and take advantage of powerplays…and of course, Canucks fans will show our support for our team–from sea to sea, from Vancouver Island, Saskatchewan, Toronto, to the Atlantic provinces.

Do you believe?…

One thought on “My prediction tonight: Vancouver Canucks will hoist the Stanley Cup. I believe…

  1. Well, I guess I was wrong. The Bruins played well by shutting down the Canucks (even though I still think the Canucks were the better skilled team), Tim Thomas played super well for the Bruins and fully deserved the Conn Smyth trophy.

    Congratulations to Boston’s Bruins.


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