Clergy and study leave

As pastors, most of us get two weeks off for study leave (or continuing education, i.e., C.E.) per year so I’m taking advantage of this.  Some pastors don’t use their study leave even though it’s available to them. Do you think pastors should be taking study leave every year? Do you think it’ll help the ministry of the local church, or is it stealing time away from church ministry?  Does your pastor take advantage of study leave?

I’ve been really busy with ministry, plus preparing for my upcoming two weeks of intensive courses (biblical studies, then theology, with a ton of readings, reflection papers, etc.). This will give me a good break away from ministry, but it’ll still be work nevertheless because it’s the learning type of work (full days too).  Study leave is not a break but it’s a chance for me to keep learning new things.  I’m really looking forward to these 2 weeks coming up for C.E. as part of my D.Min. program.

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