The Mushy Middle series: on politics

I am starting a new series I’ll call The Mushy Middle: (a term I borrowed and used to kick-off this series from [HatTip] Pastor Tim Keller)… a series of posts on politics, church life, culture, theology-discipleship, and ministry

It seems that the mushy middle on the political landscape is being pushed out.  When the Tea Party Express rolled into many states in this last election, a large number of conservatives, mainly Republicans, were suddenly elected into Congress, which may have been unexpected.  People understood the clear intent and purpose of the Tea Party Express and where it wanted to take the country.  Clear intent tends to foster a trust and a common goal; whereas, mushiness tends to foster vagueness and lack of direction.

As I stated in my previous posts on our recent federal elections in Canada, the wishy-washy Liberals were unkindly ushered out the door, and Quebec’s Bloc were completely obliterated off the political landscape.  The two parties that faired best in this last election were the Conservative Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party (NDP). The Conservatives and its leader, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, are mostly clear on where they stand on the political right-of-center.  The NDP and its leader, Jack Layton, are also clear on where they stand on the political left.  Perhaps, as a result of their stand, the people chose to give the Conservatives  majority government status this time.  Likewise, as a result of the NDPs clear stand on the left, the people (especially in Quebec) also chose to empower the NDP, moving them from an insignificant political party of the left into the status of Official Opposition. The most seats they ever had was just over 40; but this time they surprised Canadians by winning 102 seats!

My point in this post is this.  The mushy middle seems to be in the process of being pushed out.  The public wants a new politics where they know where their elected leaders stand.  They don’t want a wishy-washy attitude.

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