Conservatives re-elected to govern with a majority government in Canada

Congratulations to Canada’s Prime Minister re-elect, the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, who has been entrusted to govern with a majority of seats in the House of Commons.  This is a big victory and a big change because it shifts the governing Conservatives from a minority government to a majority government.  They haven’t had a majority government for a couple decades.  Here are the final results from Elections Canada.

  1. Conservatives  167
  2. NDP   102
  3. Liberals   34
  4. Bloc Quebecois  4
  5. Green  1

A couple of other big changes happened in this election: 1) the Liberals lost big time and were decimated; and 2) the separistists Bloc Quebecois were wiped out in Quebec (which is good for federalism and a united Canada). People wanted to give a majority government to Harper’s Conservatives.  I think they’ve done a great job in government and deserve to be given “a strong, stable, national, majority Conservative government”, which is what he asked Canadians for. Way to go! P.M. Stephen Harper was a class act tonight because he honored his opponents and reached out to all Canadians in his Prime Ministerial victory speech (watch here).

The left-leaning NDP was one of the surprises of the night because this is the best showing ever in its party’s history.  My take is that the people in Quebec have rejected separatism and have chosen the NDP because they didn’t like the leadership of the Ignatieff Liberals.  Quebec’s swing away from the B.Q. toward the NDP is a protest vote.

Here’s a link to CTV‘s coverage of the election.

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