The state of the church in Canada

There’s a journal article just published on church attendance in Canada.  News but not news.

“Changing Patterns of Attendance at Religious Services in Canada, 1986–2008”.  Author: David E. Eagle, Department of Sociology, Duke University.

Abstract: According to the General Social Survey, the combined rate of weekly and monthly attendance at religious services in Canada has declined by about 20 points from 1986 to 2008. Approximately half of this decline stems from the increase in the proportion of people reporting no religion, who, for the most part, do not attend religious services. The other portion of this decline is attributable to eroding attendance rates among Catholics, particularly older Catholics, and Protestants in Quebec. Attendance rates for Protestants outside of Qu´ebec show signs of increase.  Journal Article here…

Quebec has gone secular and I don’t see much hope there unless there is a spiritual revival.  This study doesn’t separate mainline Protestantism from evangelical Protestantism but I highly suspect that the rise in evangelicalism has balanced out the decline in mainline Protestantism.

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