Ten medical aid workers murdered: Is Taliban “evil”?

An entire team of ten Christian medical aid workers were senselessly murdered in Afghanistan by the Taliban including: six Americans, one Briton and one German, and two Afghans. They were registered with the Afghan government under the name International Aid Mission (IAM) and were there to provide medical aid–not to proselytize.  IAM is a well-known organization has been known as a Christian organization since 1966.

Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention gives his inculpatory assessment of the Taliban saying:

“… we’re facing an obdurate and thorough-going evil… It shows the true implacable evil of this death cult that has taken room within Islam.”  on CBN News

Land’s denunciation of the Taliban being evil reminds me of President Reagan’s assessment of Communist Russia as “the evil empire.”  Most people have become so politically sensitive that they’re afraid of using such verbal invectives.  Obviously, Land is not.

ABC; Washington Post;
Websites on persecution of Christians: Voice of the Martyrs and Int`l Christian Concern.

4 thoughts on “Ten medical aid workers murdered: Is Taliban “evil”?

  1. the Taliban is downright evil

    I have thought about how to best phrase this without sounding overly judgmental while not minimizing the severity of what they’ve done. To say to state that the Taliban is evil is to implicate their character and personhood as evil, but I will say that “the Taliban has definitely committed a great evil.”


  2. It was truly a tragic event. To lose close personal friends makes it that much more harder. It is really sad. I wish your parents my condolences.

    Small world. Someone in one of our congregations was informed of this by someone else who was also had a personal acquaintance of a member on this medical team. They had asked for our prayers. We offered prayers for the family members during this Sunday morning service.


  3. My parents were close friends of two of the older Americans, including the team leader that I had met a few times. They all know that this could happen at any point, but it is still sad when it does.


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