Leaving Church #4: Stages of faith development

Reason #4 – Inability to satisfy people in all stages of faith development [ part 4 of series ]
Leaving Church series: Intro 1, Intro 2, Part 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6, Pt 7.

Some churches that have gone seeker-sensitive might tend to be lacking in substance in their preaching and teaching.  De-churched people who have been re-churched after a long spell, or those who are completely new to the church, get spiritually fed with “the milk of the word”.  However, when they have outgrown the early stages of spiritual development or discipleship, they become dissatisfied with the continual feeding of spiritual “milk” because they’re longing for a deeper understanding and walk with the Lord.  And of course, there are those who are taught and fed  “steak” when what they really need was “milk”.  After a time of feeling hungry for a deeper spirituality, they decide to leave.  Many of us out there have experienced both these.  But where do you find the middle ground in satisfying people in all stages of faith?

14 thoughts on “Leaving Church #4: Stages of faith development

  1. At what point does the universe revolve around me?

    Titus, I’m not sure what you meant by that but if I’m correct, you mean to say that church is about God. I would agree totally. But church is also about community of Christ-followers and meeting their needs too. We have financial, social, emotional needs that need to be met. People are in need of real authentic community and it’s there that they can find these things.


  2. At what point does the universe revolve around me? People who are seeking “spiritual milk” or “ain’t getting my cup full” are missing the point of what church is about.


  3. In some of the larger churches I’ve seen, they preach the same sermon on Saturday and Sunday evening, and Sunday morning. That’s a good strategy to satisfy the needs of everyone. It sounds like something that works for larger churches with multiple pastors.


  4. I think most churches do the seeker message on sunday am and the higher level studies on sunday pm.


  5. Small groups or bible studies would be a good place to facilitate this. The difficulty is in the sermon/message time. Preachers either talk over our heads, or sound very simplistic to those who are spiritually mature. It’s not easy to incorporate both elements in a single sermon.

    In churches where there is only one preacher in a congregation, I’m wondering if one week could be for seekers and another week for higher levels?


  6. Both should be happening simultaneously. Perhaps the judgment call should be made by whoever is doing the discpling. So perhaps energy can be spent on improving the discipleship process.


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