Book of Eli

I usually don’t have time for movies but I just watched a few flicks the night before.  My wife and daughter were away so I was “home alone”. I watched 2012 and Book of Eli.  I love watching apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic and science fiction movies because they talk about a new world of possibilities that “could-be”.

I think 2012 was over-rated, but I really enjoyed Book of Eli starring Denzel Washington.  There were several major points that caught my attention:

1/ the importance placed on “The Book” (the Holy Bible) and the opposing views on how “The Book” was to be used by the two main characters.

  • Eli intentions were for good: to bring the words of the book into safe hands
  • Carnegie’s intentions were for evil: control over people.

2/ the utter devastion and chaos befallen upon society after the world was destroyed. ( I love post-apocalyptic ).

3/ the moral resilience of Eli in not giving into the pleasures of the world in the midst of an evil and hedonistic world.

4/ Eli’s knowledge of Scripture.  He was the present-day embodiment of a society that once passed on stories and scripture using words that were memorized.

This is one movie that I would watch again because it was a real learning experience.

5 thoughts on “Book of Eli

  1. Nathan, it blows me away how adults/parents can be so easily influenced by movies. Kids will inevitably follow their parents’ lead.

    TC, I have sensed a spiritual centeredness in Denzel Washington that I haven’t sensed in many actors/actresses.


  2. Denzil is professed believer, and he was one of the film’s producers, which explains a lot of the supernatural elements in it.


  3. I think part of the issue is that most of their parents bought into the idea, and they just followed along. I had more than one student get belligerent with me when I announced to the class that the world was not going to end in 2012. It made for a sudden and philosophical discussion, and one of the most memorable of last year.


  4. Quite a few of my students believe the world will end in 2012, and it’s a rather moronic view IMO.

    It was hyped up when it came out but I think the hype has died down now. it’s amazing how much movies can influence the opinions of young people (and even adults). It reinforces the idea that we need to be salt and light and use whatever means, i.e., drama, technology, music, etc., to change minds and hearts for Christ.


  5. I watched The Book of Eli and District 9 within 24 hours of each other. I liked the cinematography and scenes in Eli, but felt that the story as a whole wasn’t very entertaining. District 9 on the other hand was equally impressive, with the difference that the story left me thinking about social justice issues for about 3-4 days afterwards. They were both worth watching, but I felt like only one had strong story and moral themes, and it wasn’t the one featuring a Bible.

    I’m not sure if I will watch 2012. Quite a few of my students believe the world will end in 2012, and it’s a rather moronic view IMO. I already know I won’t like it, so I am not sure if I will ever get around to it.


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