Response to Patton’s ‘Why I’m Not Charismatic’

Scott and Marv over at To Be Continued have just finished the last of the 8-part series “Response to Patton’s ‘Why I’m Not Charismatic’”  (a 22-page PDF file).  They’ve done a good job in critiquing Patton’s paper and causing us, in every position, to consider our own arguments more carefully. [ Added: …and here’s their response all on a 43-page PDF file ]

6 thoughts on “Response to Patton’s ‘Why I’m Not Charismatic’

  1. I would consider myself charismatic too but I should probably be considered a “continuationist” too. It’s a term we all have to become more familiar with. Problem is, not many have ever heard of this term.


  2. I skimmed through the discussion, and there was some good coverage of terminology in particular. I loosely refer to myself as a Pentecostal or Charismatic, though it seems perhaps “Continuationist” is probably the most accurate descriptor. Thanks for taking the time to link to everything. 8)


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