It’s Spain!!! 2010 FIFA World Cup Champions of football

I’ve been away for a whole week. Just got back from bible camp and then a church convention this week, then led Sunday service and then finally caught got a chance to watch an exciting final 33 minutes of this 2-hour game of the FIFA World Cup Final.

Congratulations to Spain, the 2010 FIFA World Cup Champions!!!  It was an exciting match at in extra time.  I’m glad they didn’t have to go into penalty kicks to decide the winner.  Either team could have won, but Spain was slightly the better team. But I’m glad for Spain and all their fans.

And, of course, congrats to South Africa and its people for hosting an awesome World Cup in 2010!!  I hope this coverage creates more interest in the U.S. and Canada for this great sport.

3 thoughts on “It’s Spain!!! 2010 FIFA World Cup Champions of football

  1. TC, it seems like everyone thought Germany was going to win but if Spain beat out Germany, I thought they had a good chance to win it.

    Nathan, at least the fouls were all called. I wish they did that for other sports like hockey which would make them more enjoyable to watch. I don’t enjoy hockey as much anymore b/c of all the rough play.


  2. I have never seen more yellow cards in a match, ever. It was dirty, and not enjoyable to watch really. The goal was pretty good, but that’s about it.


  3. Really didn’t see that one coming. After Germany’s trashing of Brazil, my money was on the Germans. Well, next WC… 😀


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