Will be blogging on the missional church

After returning from my vacation, I’ve been taking it easy and have been enjoying watching the highest level of soccer in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.  I’ve also been reading some books about the missional church and have been challenged to think more in terms of being more missional as a Christian and as a minister.  The books I have been reading have been more oriented toward the missional church.  As a result, I have been thinking of gearing the New Epistles blog to eventually move into topics about the missional church.  The blog started as a biblioblog, then moved into a theoblog. I will now add a missional element to my blogging because I wish to move my own practice of pastoral ministry to be oriented toward being a missional church.

2 thoughts on “Will be blogging on the missional church

  1. Sounds interesting. I read quite a lot about this last year and would love to hear your take on things.

    RE: your blog topics, there is no reason not to cover a broad range of topics. I think Nick Norelli’s method is a good model of this; one that I’m trying to adapt to.


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