TC’s blog is now added to Reclaiming the Mind toolbar

TC Robinson, who blogs at, is a blogging friend whom I am very proud of.  TC has been my favorite biblio-theo blogger for a while now–and deservedly so.  Finally, he has been publicly recognized for the quality of his blogging by someone as respected as the theoblogger Michael Patton, founder and president of Reclaiming the Mind Ministries and primary contributor at the popular Parchment and Pen has affirmed this by adding TC’s blog,, to its tool bar at  I’ve also added this toolbar and it works well.  Check it out.

G20 Summit not peaceful

The G8 has concluded its summit in Muskoka, Ont., Canada, and now it’s time for the G20 in downtown Toronto.  Thousands of young protesters have converged on downtown Toronto and have created some havoc.  Some of these protesters are masked and are not peaceful. They are thugs and are creating violence in an attempt to create headlines.  This is not a good image for protesters.  I think I prefer watching the World Cup.

Are these thugs really going to make an effective statement using violence, or would they make a bigger impact using peaceful expressions of protest?

2010 World Cup: Team USA eliminated

The USA has just been eliminated from the 2010 World Cup in the round of 16.  Gyan of Ghana scored a beautiful goal against the USA.  Yes, the agony of defeat is hard to take but Team USA played a good game, created the chances to score but came up a little short. Still, Americans have nothing to be ashamed of because they worked hard and have come from behind to pull off wins in previous games.  Team USA has done well but Ghana is also a good team. South Korea has also just been eliminated from the last 16 teams in a very close match against Uruguay 2 -1.

Uruguay and Ghana now move into the quarter finals into the final eight teams.  I am looking forward to more exciting games. I predict Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Portugal, and Paraguay to also advance into the quarter finals.

Will be blogging on the missional church

After returning from my vacation, I’ve been taking it easy and have been enjoying watching the highest level of soccer in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.  I’ve also been reading some books about the missional church and have been challenged to think more in terms of being more missional as a Christian and as a minister.  The books I have been reading have been more oriented toward the missional church.  As a result, I have been thinking of gearing the New Epistles blog to eventually move into topics about the missional church.  The blog started as a biblioblog, then moved into a theoblog. I will now add a missional element to my blogging because I wish to move my own practice of pastoral ministry to be oriented toward being a missional church.

Ligonier Ministry 2010 National Conference Live

I just learned of Ligonier Ministry’s 2010 National Conference, which is still happening now and streaming live here available to all for free.  Theologians and pastors like Alistair Begg, Michael Horton, Albert Mohler, John MacArthur and more are being hosted and moderated by R.C. Sproul.

2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa

The 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa is now on and I’ll be following this. I won’t have a Team Canada to cheer for but with interest, I’ll be following a few football/soccer nations from each continent:

  • USA; Mexico: North America
  • Argentina; Uraguay: South America
  • South Korea: Asia
  • Nigeria: Africa
  • England; Germany; Slovenia: Europe

I”m not a huge soccer (football) fan but when something as big as this world event happens as occasionally as once every four years, I’ll be right into it. (I’ll be wearing my England and other soccer jerseys).  North America is one of the only few places in the world where people refer to football as “soccer”.  Why is this? I propose that we should rename our football leagues as “American rugby” instead in order to give the international sport of soccer its rightful name of “football”. Do you think that would fly with most Americans/Canadians?  And what teams will you be following or cheering for?

FIFA World Cup football is streaming online on-demand at ESPN3 and CBC.