Connection between Law and Gospel

I love this quote of Hermann Sasse (HatTip: Paul of CyberBrethren)

Whenever the Law and the Gospel are separated from each other, wherever the connection between the Law and the Gospel is lost, then what Luther said proves itself to be true: Where either the Law or the Gospel is lost, then the other is also thoroughly destroyed. Every form of antinomianism necessarily destroys the Gospel. Where the preaching of the Law does not work the recognition of sins, how is it possible to experience or understand the forgiveness of sins [Gospel]?

This is something I’ve learn to apply in my preaching.  It’s part of old-fashioned preaching but it’s what makes the gospel effective in the penitent sinner.

4 thoughts on “Connection between Law and Gospel

  1. Hi fellow Lutheran, I’m shocked at how the Lutheran Church has wandered away from this theology that gave it certain distinctive theology. I’ve learned to appreciate Law and Gospel when my fellow Lutherans who were born and bred into this church never preach Law and Gospel, or will only preach a watered-down version of it.


  2. Thank you for your wise words. And, I agree that this theology is fading. I see some churches who are so focused on the law – which encourages guilt, frustration and a judgmental attitude. While other churches want to eliminate the law and refuse to talk about sin or hell – which encourages a very unrepentant and theologically loose culture where dualism easily blooms.


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