First Nations meet at National Forgiven Summit, June 11-13 in Ottawa

In Canada, what’s a hot social issue is the reconciliation between red and white–Christian Canadians and the First Nations/Aboriginal peoples.  Two years ago, the government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Conservative) apologized on behalf of Canada for the mistreatment of aboriginal people in the residential church-run schools (i.e., Roman Catholic, Anglican, United, and Presbyterian. This kick-started a response from First Nations people to organize the National Forgiven Summit–Watch video

Last month, we had one visitor come through town who making a long journey to Ottawa, Canada for the National Forgiven Summit (heaving an 80 pound backpack).  Mr. Dale Smith stopped in to our place and stayed for a couple nights.  Our relationship started out as strangers but as we got to know each other, we now receive each other as friends and brothers in the Lord. He explained how his father experienced physical-sexual abuse in the Indian residential school system.  He is currently on the “Journey of Freedom” in the hopes of releasing forgiveness from his generation that will spread all over Canada, and hopefully, to future generations. The hope is to come to a place where First Nations people, and all Canadians, may celebrate freedom through forgiveness.  This, in essence, is what the gospel of Jesus Christ brings. Dale hopes that all aboriginal people may be able to come to forgive Canada for what happened in the residential schools.  I really admire him for wanting to make this journey of freedom.  First Nations who experience freedom in the gospel do not wish to lay blame for the injustices but they wish and pray that Christian Canadians of red and white ancestry may come to a place of mutual forgiveness in Christ. I believe this is a God-thing, and a work of the Holy Spirit. I am encouraged by this, and hope that many First Nations brothers and sisters in the Lord may be able to go on this Journey of Freedom, which convenes and gathers at the National Forgiven Summit that will meet in Ottawa, Canada on June 11-13. [Hey brother Dale: “run forrest, run!” :)]

[ Meet three young First Nations  people who are also attending this National Forgiven Summit. They were interviewed on Click here to watch >> 100 Huntley St.. ]

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