2009 Apologetics Symposium & 2010 Mockingbird Conference

New Reformation Press (NRP) has made available two free lectures from the 2009 Apologetics Symposium.  The speakers, Craig Parton and Dr. Rod Rosenbladt, speak about Christian apologetics from a Lutheran context (LC-MS).  Parton, a Lutheran convert from evangelicalism, says apologetics used to be an academic discipline in the training of Lutheran pastors.  Apologetics is not new to evangelicals and orthodox Reformed but is now a long lost discipline in Lutheran seminaries.    Converts to Lutheranism like myself, find apologetics vital in witness and evangelism.

(Hat Tip: NRP) The 2010 Mockingbird Conference is also available. Rod Rosenbladt and C. FitzSimons were the speakers at this conference attended mostly be Reformed and Lutherans.  If you love the core traditional beliefs of the Reformation, you will enjoy listening to this.

P.S.  One of the greatest Christian apologists of the past century is Dr. John Warwick Montgomery. His audio recordings and books at available at the Canadian Institute of Law, Theology and Public Policy.

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