Independent news: a real source of news

Earlier, police reportedly exhumed eight bodies from shallow graves in a predominantly Christian village near Jos. The discovery of the bodies brought to 15 the number of corpses found in three days in an area fraught with Muslim aggression that has left hundreds of Christians dead.  read on…

Hundreds, if not thousands, of Christians are still being persecuted and killed by Muslims in countries like Nigeria.  Real news like this from today is real but it seems to be continually ignored by the mainstream news media.  News like this don’t seem to make their headlines, however, the killing and stone throwing by young kids in Palestine do.  Why? Self-interest and sensationalism?

Our trust in mainstream media like newspapers and television have been constantly declining and seem to be a less than trustworthy source of news for our younger generations today.  Many are turning to the less mainstream sources for news because there is a growing distrust of mainstream media.  News blogs from various types of organization: non-profit and for-profit and other independent new sources, such as bloggers, try to make this news available to the public.  This is where some of the real news seem to be coming from these days.

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