Joannie Rochette wins a very special bronze medal for Mom

Joannie Rochette of Canada has won a very special bronze medal tonight – she won it for her Mom who suddenly died from a heart attack.  Her mother suddenly experienced a fatal heart attack only several days ago after arriving in Vancouver, BC to watch her daughter skate. Joannie could have pulled out of the competition but she decided to continue.  That was very courageous!

Joannie, we love you and pray that your family will be comforted with peace and love.  God bless you and your family.

Congratulations to world champion Kim Yu-Na of South Korea won gold with a world record score.  Her coach, Canadian figure skater Brian Orser, must have been very proud of her.  Mao Asada of Japan won the silver.

5 thoughts on “Joannie Rochette wins a very special bronze medal for Mom

  1. Both of her programs brought me to tears. It was so heartwarming and painful at the same time thinking about how much pain she must be going through. She’s a Hero in my heart but honestly, just in my opinion, I don’t think she deserved the Bronze.


      1. Hi Kevin, I feel the American Skater deserved the Bronze too. As for Gold, No contest there but I did feel that Asada’s score could have been a bit closer to Yuna’s. I think the death of Joannie Rochette’s mother played a big part in her winning the bronze. Canada loves having heroes..


  2. Jeff, my favorite Olympic moment was Jon Montgomery stepping up on the podium. He gave it a sweep before jumping onto it with both feet together. When I first saw that I laughed because I had never seen that before. It was really unique for a Canadian to show some national pride. Then other Canadian medalists also started doing that. It kind of made it okay for Canadians to express our national pride.

    What was your favorite Olympic moment?


  3. Wow…true heartfelt moment of the Olympics… Even I felt a little turning in my stomach as she ended the competition.
    What is your favorite Olympic moment?


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