Canadian women’s hockey team win gold!

A big congratulations to our Canadian women’s hockey team for winning gold.  It was very sweet, probably the sweetest gold so far because hockey is our national game.  It was a great game. The Canadian women played with heart and didn’t ever let up during the entire game.  They went hard and aggressive the whole way through the game until the very end.   Way to go Team Canada!

5 thoughts on “Canadian women’s hockey team win gold!

  1. Golf is good here on Vancouver Island, except for the days of rain.
    I’m gearing up for a big season on tour. Since taking a few years off, i’m ready to make a stand this year and work my way onto the PGA tour.

    Canada vs. USA Men’s Hockey… Can’t wait!


  2. Great work by the ladies… I really liked how they showed the Men’s team watching at the end of the game. Almost saying to the men, “This is how it’s done!”
    Did you get that feeling?


    1. Hi Jeff, welcome to the NewEpistles blog. Yes, I totally got that feeling. The men’s team was watching but the odd thing was that they weren’t cheering like the rest of the Canadian fans. While observing in the stands, they were calm and cool, probably not letting themselves get too highly charged up because they needed to stay focused on their own game. I really admired the women because they aggressively charged toward the goal 100% of the time and never let up.

      Hey how’s the golfing going in winter time? 😉


  3. Dan, haha…they sure look like broccoli don’t they? Maybe there’s an underlying message in the broccoli? “Eat your broccoli, stay healthy”.


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