Heartbreak loss for Sven Kramer and the Dutch

Our hearts also go out to Dutch speed skater Sven Kramer who was supposed to have skated to a gold medal in the 10,000-meter race in a record-setting pace.  The gaffe was made when his coach motioned him to switch lanes when he was not supposed to.  As a result, Kramer was disqualified.  Kramer’s coach, Gerard Kemkers, was devastated and took responsibility for the gaffe.

This cost Nederland their 100th gold medal.  The entire nation of Nederland was waiting for this win and was disappointed. I know how the Dutch fans feel today.

An ABC news reporter asked Sven to say his name and where he is from.  The Dutch speed skater was angry and asked if she was stupid. The reporter’s question and Kramer’s response ignited an international debate about the ignorance of the America media. And whether Americans are ignorant about things that are outside the U.S. boundaries. 

Anyway, after losing a gold medal in this way, personally, if it was me, I think I would prefer to be left alone than to face reporters to answer a barrage of questions.  Reporters should also take a tip. It’s better to be more understanding, give a person time to take out his anger and frustration before hounding him for a sound bite.

This reminds me of the CFL’s 2009 Grey Cup Championship football game where the Saskatchewan Roughriders was supposed to have won the championship but the game-winning play was annulled due to a penalty of too-many-men on the field.  As a result the Montreal Alouettes won the Grey Cup Championship. I and along with other Saskatchewan fans were heart-broken and depressed for a few days.

So media people, let’s give Sven a break.

3 thoughts on “Heartbreak loss for Sven Kramer and the Dutch

  1. That was incredibly tough. His coach, his own decision… and to be on such a great pace. Reporters are such jerks at times. They get right in this guy’s face when he really needed some space, and probably some time to chew out his coach.


  2. One thing I didn’t mention was that Sven was on a huge new world record pace of about four seconds. He was unbeatable, but he beat himself. I feel so sad for him.


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