Where to find motivation and inspiration

Do you ever feel the passion of life sucked dry from you?  When self-motivation is at a deficit and it stays at a low level for too long, quitting can seem very easy to do.

Employees lose motivation to work hard, so they quit their jobs (employees have become transient and mobility is the norm).  Christians lose their motivation  to attend worship services at church, so they become one of the statistics, who leave the church (61% of young Christians leave the church). This is also true of other religions.  Married couples lose the motivation to stay married because they lack passion in their marriage, so they split (over 50% of marriage fail).

So what is the answer to our lack of motivation? We need to be motivated or inspired.

Motivation and inspiration are closely connected.  In order to be motivated to do what we once desired to do, one needs to be inspired.  To be inspired, one needs to look to those who are impassioned in what they do.

One example is Canadian skier, Alexandre Bilodeau, a gold medalist in mens’ moguls during these Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.  Alex was inspired by his brother Frederic who suffers from cerebral palsy. How can a guy who suffers from cerebral palsy bring inspiration to those who are unaffected by any disability?  Alex says that even though his brother Frederic has much to complain about life, but he never complains.  Frederic is just happy and lives his life without complaining.  That’s the inspiration Alex gets from his brother.

To be motivated, one needs to look to those who are already inspired.  One needs to turn his attention away from his setbacks and challenges, and towards those who have motivation to live life to the fullest and are inspired to face their challenges head-on.

Sometimes, we can become dispassionate about things in life when we listen or hang around those who are critical, negative and pessimistic about everything in life.  We don’t need to be around these elements, or at least, not for too long.  Otherwise, they can potentially rub off on you and can bring you down.

Rather, what we need are positive influences.  We need to surround ourselves with motivated people, and people with passion.  These types of people can inspire us.  We need to listen to good stories about people who overcome their challenges to succeed.  Good stories with happy endings are what we need to help us overcome our fears and challenges. They can inspire us to reach for success.

If your marriage is in the dumps, don’t hang out with people whose marriages are also in the dumps.  Hang with those who have good and happy marriages, or who are doing something to improve it. (You may want to learn more about Marriage Encounter in your area.)

If you feel that your job sucks, don’t hang out with your fellow employees who complain all the time.  Make friends with those who work in the same field as you who are motivated and happy with what they do.

If your church life or faith life feels dry and lifeless but you know it could be better… if the idea of going to church or reading the bible or praying gives you the chills, you need inspiration from others who are spiritually more in-tune than yourself.   Get inspired by those who regularly gather together for prayer, bible study, and fellowship.  They will tend to be the same people who feel a sense of excitement when attending worship services.  Find and hang out with these Christians whose faith life and church life are truly inspired by Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

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