Why the sour face? Alex Bilodeau is impassioned…Dale Begg-Smith is dispassioned

No, don’t look at the guy in the middle. He’s the winner.  Look at the guy standing to the left of gold medalist Alex Bilodeau.  He is the silver medalist, Dale Begg-Smith.  His sour and grumpy face was obvious on the platform.  Why is he so dispassionate?  Begg-Smith and Bilodeau may have been competitors but there’s a bigger story behind that.  Begg-Smith looked rather uncomfortable and very dispassionate on the podium while receiving his silver medal.  The story is he is a Canadian who decided to ditch Canada and ski for Australia.

But what’s the problem with that? Bitterness brewed disloyalty, and disloyalty brewed envy, and perhaps envy brewed embarassment. All we can do is guess. In American terminology, Begg-Smith was a turncoat who betrayed his own country of Canada because he couldn’t take the heat in Canada.  He was gold medalist in Turin but ditched Canada when he got himself in a little hot water with his internet spamming business which made him millions. He even drives a black Lamborgini. So he sold his soul for money?  Yep. That’s the scoop I heard from CTV news.

Personally, I feel that he should have stayed with Canada, or at least, stuck it out until he had no choice but to leave.  Begg-Smith sure didn’t look comfortable receiving his silver medal for Australia, and showed no passion in winning silver for the Aussies. That was obvious at the bottom of the slopes and on the podium.

Sydney, Australia. Journalist, Peter Fitzsimons, wrote in a Sydney Morning Herald column titled ”Why Mr. Miserable leaves us icy cold”:

‘It is probably because his whole shtick all seems so ruthlessly joyless,” Fitzsimons wrote. ”He is infamous for offering monosyllabic answers to journalists. And even in victory, or near victory, he offers nothing. To see him on the podium, between a wildly celebrating American and Canadian, while he looked like he had just sucked on a lemon, was to cringe. All of it might be forgivable if there was the slightest sense he has more than a walnut’s worth of feeling for his adopted country.

”I am, you are, he says he is, Australian. And of course he has had an Australian passport for six years, since earlier falling out with his native Canadian team – though he still lives in Vancouver. But in all those monosyllabic grunts, it has been hard to ignore gaining the feeling that he couldn’t give a flying fig for Australia, and is simply flying a flag of convenience. If he doesn’t care for us, why should we care for him? I don’t.”  read on

What I learned from this:

  1. Love and be loyalty to your own country,
  2. admit and accept your wrong-doings in this life, and
  3. don’t let a little criticism turn you off so easily.

If Begg-Smith had done so, he would have had his fellow Canadians cheering for him. … Okay, I’ve let off enough steam.

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