Canada finally wins gold at home – Way to go Alex!

Canada has won our first gold medal on home turf.  Alexandre Bilodeau finished first in the men’s moguls at Cypress Mountain. Way to go Alex!He beat out Dale Begg-Smith (on the right) on performance and the fastest time. (There’s another story behind him.)

It’s what we’ve been waiting for a long time; we didn’t make gold in Montreal ’76 or Calgary ’88 so the long drought is over.

There had been this funny feeling churning inside wondering if we would win a gold medal at home.  That feel has subsided and now the pressure is off Canada’s back. Now it’s down to business of just competing for the fun of it…and more medals of course.

When Alex Bilodeau received the gold medal on the podium tonight, he made Canadians very proud. Canadians were going wild with passion, pride and excitement. He has won out hearts because he says he gets his inspiration from his brother, Frederic, who struggles with cerebral palsy.  That’s humility and it’s great to see him on the top podium.

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