Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics: Opening Ceremony was awesome!

Tonight, as I watched the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games on TV, I could not help but feel proud to be Canadian.  The opening ceremonies were the most creative and technically advanced of the Winter Olympics I have ever seen.  The laser light technology show was truly awesome.  The ceremonies portrayed the variety of cultures and regions across Canada, e.g., Aboriginal First Nations, Maritimers of the east coast, the vast and infinite Prairies, and the majestic Rocky Mountains.  Our diversity was what caused me to feel proud as a Canadian.  Canada is truly a blessed country.

As a proud Canadian born in Vancouver, I can say to the world: “Welcome to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Games.”  Enjoy. Have fun.  And go for gold. And cheer hard for your country.

… and “Go Canada Go!!!”

2 thoughts on “Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics: Opening Ceremony was awesome!

  1. London2012 will make the city even busier and exciting than it already is. I wonder how the London OC will handle the logistics for the spike in population during the games?


  2. I’ve been watching Vancouver 2010 too, and I can’t wait for London 2012- I’m going to come down from the north of England and planning on staying for the duration of the whole event to make the most of it!



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