Canada wins silver – Congrats to Jenn Heil!

Canada has won its first medal, a silver medal in womens moguls on Cypress Mountain.

Even though Jennifer Heil was expecting to win the gold in Vancouver, Canadians still love Jenn Heil. Way to go Jenn! We are proud of you.

Congratulations to Hannah Kearney who won gold.

Canada hasn’t won a gold medal on home turf yet (Montreal ’76, Calgary ’88) but we are still looking for our first gold medal in the Vancouver Games. May God bless our Canadian Olympic athletes.

3 Replies to “Canada wins silver – Congrats to Jenn Heil!”

    1. You know what’s sad, Kevin, is that I usually don’t pay much attention to the Olympics, but TV has gotten so bad I can’t find anything else I’m interested in watching (not to take anything away from the Olympics; I’m really enjoying them!)


  1. I am enjoying watching the Olympics this year, Kevin. And while I’m always rooting for our USA teams, it’s also heartwarming to see our brothers and sisters to our north doing well. Since you posted this, Canada has gotten their first Gold, and we congratulate you!


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