How to approach apocalyptic text

I watch Left Behind recently.  Ever wonder how you should approach our preaching in a Christian culture that is dominated by Left Behind dispensational perspective? I have.

A conference back in 2005 sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Preaching at Calvin Theological Seminary, explored these urgent questions. This is my future reading. There were a number of big names: Fee, Platinga, Block, Beale.  HT: Justin.

2 thoughts on “How to approach apocalyptic text

  1. Hey brother, thanks for sharing your thoughts on Graeme Goldsworthy. His trilogy looks like it will be an interesting read.

    The Apocalyptic is definitely a theme that is hot right now. RE: 2011


  2. Happy New Year Kevin Sam.

    My all time favorite in response to your “how to…” comes from Graeme Goldsworthy in the third book of his “Trilogy” in which he demonstrates how to keep the Gospel of the Kingdom central to Revelation. He does a marvelous job not only of showing us Christ as both Lamb and Lion but of showing us how this is interlaced with the OT apocalyptic sections. First published separately (1984) it fits perfectly into the Trilogy after he first demonstrates the Biblical structure of the theme “Gospel and Kingdom”.

    He did both a masters and his doctorate with John Bright at Union in Virginia and has all of Bright’s classic scholarship in his own vision and boy is it rich. Having been trained on classical dispensational theology I think there is far too much of the Biblical narrative that is actually obscured by that system. Bright wrote a book for preachers entitled, “The Authority of the Old Testament” (1967) which is also at the foundation of Goldsworthy’s own life message.

    Personally I had already planned to review for the new year the themes of judgement/wrath together with the sealing of the Church for her function of preaching the Gospel to the ends of the earth; I tentatively believe that both these things are happening in this age of Christ’s Reign on earth- there is a great war being waged but what confuses us most is that we do not see how the Gospel of Christ’s finished work at the cross has altered forever the OT vision of the Apocalyptic.

    Thanks for your timely post- I really was glad to see a brother with kindred thoughts heading into 2010.


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