Blogging less these days

You may have noticed that I haven’t been around the blogosphere and interacting as much lately since my family came back from their trip overseas trip from Asia.  I’ve been quite busy, and will be busy from now until the new year (Advent, Christmas) so I won’t be posting as frequently. But I will still be reading your blogs on my google reader to try to keep up with everyone.

5 thoughts on “Blogging less these days

  1. Enjoy the blogging break! I need to slow down a bit myself because seemingly useless debates on my blog have taken up way too much time over the past few days. I didn’t even turn my computer on until this afternoon today and it was glorious! Have a blessed Advent season!


  2. Well, Kev, you’re a busy man now that you’re pastoring a church. You have your priorities, and if blogging is farther down the ladder than it used to be, that’s probably the way it must be.

    We’re very happy that you do find some time to join us all out here on the blogosphere, and always look forward to your posts!


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