Where do you get your news from?

I’m interested in your sources of news.  In this internet age, I still get my news from traditional sources like TV and radio but also read news from websites.  I don’t get my news from any single source on a regular basis but seem to jump from one source to the next—very sporadically and irregularly.

Overall and not in any particular order, my top news sources seem to be (excluding blogs):

  • CNN (U.S.)
  • CTV (regional-Canada)
  • BBC (international)
  • Local conservative talk-radio on AM
  • Christianity Today

What are your top sources of news, excluding blogs?

7 thoughts on “Where do you get your news from?

  1. Thanks for all your replies on this one. For national, it seems to be CNN, Fox, and some NPR. The old big 3: ABC, NBC, CBS seem to be going out of style these days.


  2. News junkie here.

    Online: FoxNews, Drudge, New York Times, StarTribune.com (my local paper), Breitbart. I also listen to NPR and a local talk radio station in my hometown that has ABC News at the top of the hour.


  3. I balance out Conservative Talk Shows with NPR, both of which I do not trust.
    I never watch TV — don’t have one.
    On my browser I:
    a) Open 5 major cities and look for articles.
    b) Open about 7 different country papers and read their headlines to see what they find important.

    I visit Christian sites to balance out Atheist sites.
    I even peruse Christianity Today and other Christian magazines at the library once a month.


  4. excluding blogs? If it weren’t for Jim West and Joel Watts, I’d be knowledgeless 😉

    The local newspaper and a local news station is where I get most of my news. I did listen to CNN in the car on the way home (it’s about an hour drive), but I’m trying an experiment to listen to other things in that time.


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