What does your pastor wear on Sundays?

What does your pastor wear on Sundays?  I envy the likes of Pastor Mark Driscoll who looks like he just slapped on a T-shirt and a pair of old ripped up jeans for Sunday morning church service (or gathering).   I wonder if he even plans out his wardrobe for Sundays?  I wish I could wear something more casual but in my Lutheran tradition, I can’t because people expect the pastor to wear something more formal.   I wear a simple clergy shirt with a tab collar (on the right).  On praise & worship service Sundays, I might just wear a clergy shirt.

15 thoughts on “What does your pastor wear on Sundays?

  1. I actually prefer the clergy shirt (yes, I’m Lutheran, too.). But I always wear an alb with stole for worship services, unless like now I am traveling a lot and can’t bring the alb with me. I seldom if ever wear a tie (maybe once a year?).

    Clergy shirts are much more practical, and I never have to worry about whether they are in style. Black, blue, gray, and red. Enough variety, and enough consistency. And it makes it much easier when visiting emergency rooms, hospitals, and nursing homes. Other than those occasions, I go business casual.



  2. I usually wear jeans or some sort of khaki pant and the shirt I try to keep on the nicer side – a
    t-shirt I am not completely confortable with – so I have a couple button down shirts that are more casual and wear them un-tucked (which they are meant to be).


  3. Kevin, my pastor wore a designer shirt and jeans through out the summer, back he is back to wearing suits. As the Associate Pastor I use to wear a suit as well, but the minute he switched to shirts and jeans, so did and I and I am still wearing them on Sundays.


  4. ElShaddai, a shirt and slacks is good. It does make me as a regular laity feel that the pastor is not the focus of attention. The Lutheran church is such a pastor-centric church!

    Bitsy, a golf shirt would be my kind of casual too. That would make me feel like I can relax.


  5. Our (Baptist) senior pastor usually wears a suit or sport coat with slacks and a shirt. He’ll generally wear a tie for the more formal 9am service, then take the tie off for the contemporary service.

    That’s okay with me – I can’t stand robes/vestments. It puts too much attention on the wrapper.


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