New Epistles on Top 50 biblioblogs…but so what!

I noticed that I made it on the Biblioblogs Top 50 this month of October and just made the cut at number 50. Just because a blog is on the top 50, don`t let the rankings deceive you. It does not accurately reflect the quality of the blogs posts and how widely they are read and the amount of interaction on them.  Biblioblog Top 50 uses Alexa and I don’t know how it works but I don’t trust their ultra simplistic rating system. I’ve perused through the other blogs that are way up there and some do not seem to post very often and hardly get any comments (no offense to anyone), and some are amongst my favorite and most interesting blogs. Hmmm, there’s got to be something wrong there. It’s my take anyway.

I appreciate all the work the person(s) who have been compiling the list of biblio bloggers at BiblioblogTop50. I have to say what I appreciate most is their huge compilation of the biblioblogs.  This is the best thing about the blog, not the rankings.

7 thoughts on “New Epistles on Top 50 biblioblogs…but so what!

  1. No doubt they are to make money have set themselves up as the premier traffic site; however, when they correct traffic patterns, that means that if you have a few good days, it simply doesn’t count. Further, only two browsers are recorded.

    Yes, it’s fun and all, but I do wish we had a more equitable system.


  2. Nick, at least we know the bloggers who never make the list but who who are happy to keep blogging anyway are blogging for the right reasons. 😉

    Bitsy,Rod and Gary, thanks. The list tells us that at least their doing a lot of work to discover the biblioblogs out there. At least we’re all on there.

    Joel, it looks like Alexa is out there to make $$$ by telling people their data is accurate. Are anomalous traffic patterns really correctable? I doubt it.


  3. It may not mean much, Kevin, but it’s fun. We just shouldn’t take it too seriously.


  4. I like that the Top 50 folks have an extensive list of biblioblogs but the rankings are pretty meaningless on a number of levels. I just feel bad for the folks who feel bad when they don’t make the list.


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