All Saints Day: any saints today deserving of recognition?

In the earliest days, St. John the Baptist and the early martyrs were honoured by a special day. The earliest day was traced back to Sunday after Pentecost. During the persecution under Diocletian’s rule there were a great number of Christians martyred so this common day was appointed by theRoman Catholic Church (RCC). Gradually, more saints were added to the list of saints including patron saints recognized by the RCC, plus saints like Luther and Calvin added by protestant churches.

I found out how a person becomes a Catholic saint according to the RCC:

1) The person must have exhibited heroic virtues in life;
2) There must have been a confirmed miracle attributed to the person; and
3) There must be another miracle attributed to his/her intercession.

If a person meets these three requirements, then he/she is canonized by the Roman Catholic Church as a saint.

Today, there are almost as many saints as there are days in the year. But why stop now? Today, I think many more saints of the Lord who are not Roman Catholic but are evangelicals. Protestants, evangelicals, and charismatics who claim numerous uncountable miracles are not as big on celebrating saints like the RCC but who are, nevertheless, deserving of the same commemoration as martyrs.

Why not open All Saints’ Day to all deserving candidates? Are there any lesser-known saints you know of who deserves to be recognized by us today?

8 thoughts on “All Saints Day: any saints today deserving of recognition?

  1. I don’t personally know any missionaries who has passed away whom I’d call a saint but I do admire J. Hudson Taylor, missionary to China, and Watchman Nee, an evangelist/pastor in China. They are true saints in the Lord.


  2. The “saints” I know must go unnamed because they serve in places doing incredible work and to mention their names anywhere on the internet would put them in danger. They are saints in my book. I wouldn’t venerate them, but I celebrate them as saints of the Most High God.

    One who has gone on to be with the Lord is Calvin Olson. A true saint of the Lord who served with humility and power in South Asia for many years.


      1. Actually, I’m not for the worship or adoration of saints either…just their recognition. For me, it’s no different from reading about their inspiring stories because their stories can inspire our faith and love for Jesus.


          1. The Catholics have a system so it’s not arbitary for them. But it’s the very system that I’m scare of. It can become too institutionalized. I’m much more evangelical-style in my ecclessiology.


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