Global Leadership Summit misses out on core issues of pastoral ministry

As I briefly blogged before about attending the Global Leadership Summit, I report that it was an overall positive experience.  It is geared to large to megasize churches.  Since I shepherd two small churches, much of what was irrelevant to smaller congregations.  Moreover, I felt that a lot of what was spoken was about inspiring leaders to lead rather than about pastoral leadership.

It was nice to listen to speakers like Bono, David Gergen, Jessica Jackley but more than 98% of their speeches were irrelevant to the work of pastoral care and ministry. The speeches by Harvey Carey, and Wes Stafford could have been heard at any church’s sermon. Gary Hamel’s speech was about business. The only speech that was focussed on pastoral ministry was that of Bill Hybels’. Unfortunately there wasn’t more of it.

Willow Creek’s Pastor Bill Hybels, is a pastor and a leader, and the two terms are not synonymous terms.  A leader is a leader who leads and inspires but does not necessarily includes a spiritual component.  A pastor does this too, but more specifically, a pastor core purpose is to provides pastoral care and ministry.

After this conference, I do not think I will return for another because I am looking for more of a pastoral focus.  My preference in the future will be to attend conferences that are geared specifically toward pastoral leadership.  If you know of any conferences out there specifically directed to pastoral leadership, let me know.

In late January, I look forward to attending Breakforth, which is the largest equipping conference in North America.

3 thoughts on “Global Leadership Summit misses out on core issues of pastoral ministry

  1. TC, it’s a different approach but I think they wanted in order to make it appeal to a larger audience ,but it didn’t do much for me in core issues of pastoral ministry or even pastoral leadership. Mind you, I heard Bill Hybels and John Maxwell in person about 11 years ago and it seemed better back then.


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