New Epistles Contest: Give away of Holy Bible: Mosaic (NLT)

Someone has a chance to win a free copy of the Holy Bible: Mosaic here on New Epistles.  (I have posted my review of Holy Bible: Mosaic).  Here are the simple rules to my contest.

  1. Reply in the comments section of this post below and ask any question about any feature of this bible. I will determine the winner by deciding on the most interesting, quirky, or insightful question. Note: There is no such thing as a dumb question!  Your questions may be asked on my interview with a Mosaic contributor on November 3, 2009.
  2. Make sure you email me your email address and question so I can contact the winner.
  3. Link this contest to your blog (or if you don’t have a blog, try to tell someone else about this contest).

Deadline to enter is: November 2, 2009 @ 11:59PM.  I will announce the winner the next day on November 3, 2009 (which is the scheduled date of my interview with a contributor on this blog tour of 50 blogs, so you have lots of chances to win.

I will contact the winner by email to obtain the mailing information so I can send out the certificate for a free copy to the winner (officially authorized by Tyndale and redeemable at any Christian bookstore where the Holy Bible: Mosaic is sold).

8 thoughts on “New Epistles Contest: Give away of Holy Bible: Mosaic (NLT)

  1. I don’t have anything smart or flowery to say. I am just trying to follow God and what Jesus taught us when he was here on Earth. I am very interested in the teachings of the Bible, Christian Art, the ancient language, and Greek and Hebrew. This book would be a Treasure for me.

    If you are able, I would love to recieve a copy of this Bible for it’s content would be priceless to me. My only question is “Please could I receive a copy of this gift of life and eternity?”

    Thank you for your consideration in this contest.

    God bless you and yours.
    Darla Burdette


  2. My question is: Were the lectionary readings developed by Creedo, or is it one of the historic lectionaries? This is one question that I have been wondering about for a while. So perhaps one of the editors or contributors can help me answer this question.


  3. When I have read previous books with historic christian artwork, I have been puzzled to find inappropriate artwork such as demonic beings or undressed angels and ugly pictures of Jesus. Is this found frequently inside the Mosaic?



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