Zondervan and TNIV: like a father who has thrown out its child after birth

Biblica has lauched a new website at www.nivbible2011.com to receive inquiries about the new NIV .  Watch the video.  They need to apologize to those who supported the TNIV but I haven’t heard a word.  What they said is really to please its critics.

Due to this recent move by Zondervan, I think I will be boycotting TNIV for a while.  I’m going to lay it aside and not even refer to it. Why?  If people at Zondervan do not think it is good enough for public use, then fine, it’s not good enough for me either.  Some may think this is being petty but this is how I see it.  Betrayal of the public’s trust is important for me.  For me, it’s like fathering a child and dumping him out after it has been born.  Zondervan has done this same thing with TNIV.  It did not have enough compassion to love its own child and defend it from harm.  If not, then why should I bother to defend Zondervan?  If Zondervan had integrity, they would have stuck up and defended it from its critics but they didn’t.  They bowed to peer pressure and the almighty dollar $$$$.  So for me, Zondervan has betrayed the people who have supported it.  To continue supporting the TNIV is like condoning the actions of a father who dumps his own child. As a reader of bibles and a follower of translations, integrity of the publisher is important for me.  Even if Zondervan puts out the new NIV in 2011 (with some likeness of the TNIV), I’m don’t feel I will be very excited to see it.

Am I still upset about this whole coverup fiasco?  I am and will be for a while.

What translations will I be referring to now?  I will be referring mostly to the NRSV, ESV and NLT.  These will be my top translations for a while now.

10 thoughts on “Zondervan and TNIV: like a father who has thrown out its child after birth

  1. Kevin, as far as CBT is concerned there has been no fork in their work between NIV and TNIV. TNIV was their revision of NIV, and now the updated NIV will be their revision of TNIV. But publishers can continue to print an outdated translation for many years after it has been superseded by a revision, as Zondervan has been doing with NIV 1984, and as many publishers are still doing with KJV.


  2. Darryl, that’s a good question that got me wondering. I hope others can continue publishing the TNIV but the way I see it is that a dying translation will eventually be a dead translation.

    Peter, if others like Hodder can continue publishing the TNIV, it still won’t have much of a future if CBT is not standing behind it to continue providing updates. Even if TNIV sales were to pick up, I don’t have much hope that CBT will get back on board to support the TNIV.


  3. Darryl, that’s an interesting question. It was touched on during the webcast, which is now back on the NIV 2011 website, but I can’t remember the answer. I’m sure it was only Zondervan which committed itself to not publishing new NIV 1984 and TNIV editions after 2011. Maybe others, including Hodder here in the UK who have the full European rights I think, will be able to continue to publish the 1984 edition if they wish. But I certainly hope we will see the update this side of the pond as well as in North America.


  4. Hmmmm. One problem was that others had sublicenses to publish NIVs. Any lawyers around? Could it be that if the NIV text is “updated” they would all have to follow and use the new text?

    TNIV: …and the one was taken, the others left…


  5. TC, you are right in saying it’s a matter of accepting the merits of the TNIV. Well, this is not the first time I’ve called Zondervan on something. I don’t usuaully go over the top (as Peter said) but this is a matter of business ethics for me.

    Peter, I see you point. However, my concern is also the profit motive and also how much of it the new NIV is going to contain gender-inclusive language?

    Shane, you call this the Vista of bible translations. I call it the Hagar of bible translations. It fathered a child but the mother who beared the childis not the one of promise. Now Zondervan is getting rid of that unwanted child.


  6. It sure is a good thing God made the Bible an open source document. We’ll get one we all like eventually.

    I’m being sarcastic.

    But does this make the TNIV the Windows Vista of Bible translations?


  7. Kevin, I received a letter from Zondervan written to those who support TNIV. But it was not an apology. They obviously don’t have you on their list of supporters. They are hardly going to add you now.

    I really think you are going over the top on this one. No one has betrayed you. The revised NIV will look 95% like TNIV, that is what CBT have said.

    If your real issue is with Bibles being published by a commercial company with a profit motive, I understand your concerns. In that case you can buy your TNIVs and your updated NIVs direct from Biblica.


  8. Kevin, you’re serious, Aren’t you? For me, it’s accepting the merits of the TNIV, not Zondervan and co.

    As a translation, I still love it.


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