Switching over to WordPress…some day

Brian (at Living the Crucified Life) asked me:

“When are you coming over to WordPress? You can transfer everything over with no problems and get tons of more interaction!”

I’ve been thinking and thinking about moving over to WordPress for a long time but well, as a thinker who just keeps thinking about it but doing nothing about it, I ask myself “Will I ever get to it?” I see my friend Gary Zimmerli (Sundry Times) just recently switched to WordPress, and Better Bibles Blog also switched not too long ago too. I am slow. I have been a die-hard Blogger fan because it’s so easy to use. But I do know WordPress is really good. I will have to just do it and get it over with.

So, expect New Epistles to be on WordPress…someday.

6 thoughts on “Switching over to WordPress…some day

  1. Kevin, I'd do it again. WP needs to make a couple things easier to use, but all in all I think it's better.

    As for the comments, if you have a Google account (Gmail, Blogger, etc.) you can be signed in with your Google account and there's no problem with commenting. The problem is they link to your Blogger blog instead of your WP blog. When I find a little time and ambition, I'm gonna see if I can do anything about that.


  2. Kevin,

    I am relatively new to blogging and started on blogger. Only a few weeks in Nick Norelli persuaded me to move over to WordPress and it was a wise move. Navigating in general is easier and there is the traffic factor. Like Brian, I experienced a tremendous jump in hits once I moved. Make the move–you'll not be disappointed!


  3. Hi Kevin! I'm Bitsy and made the switch over the Christmas holidays.

    I have a hard time finding where to click to post a comment on blogger sometimes. It's just a little line. On WP it's a box. Can't miss it. 😉

    WP has lots of good widgets I think, but they won't take JavaScript – you can post HTML code or text anywhere you want in a widget. Some of the widgets available depend on the background. You cannot rewrite your own background code on the wp domain but they have lots of (better imho) choices.

    WordPress posts are easier to manage. Comments made on wp blogs are archived for you AND are made on the same page as the orginal post, so I can scroll back up and see the original post.

    You've got a dashboard for each blog. Much easier to move around in. Much more info on each blog on the dashboard.

    Oh and you can import all of your posts from Blogger to WP.

    Can't think of anything else right now. You'll love it after a short learning curve!

    Take the plunge and we'll be cheering you on 😀


  4. but they just don't like all the hassle with commenting on blogger blogs – so they refrain from commenting

    Brian, I didn't realize this about Blogger because I only saw it from my end on Blogger. That's something I'd have to seriously consider. I notice that most of the blogs I've seen on my blogroll seem to be on wordpress (like my friend TC below who switched about 1 year ago).

    TC, yes Blogger seems to have more widgets but I guess I could let it go. Widgets don't really add that much to a blog anyway.


  5. Kevin, make the switch. The only drawback would the use of certain widgets. Something to consider.


  6. Kevin, I was on blogger for 2 years and didn't really think much of it but I realized in that whole time I had only some 800 hits on my page – when I switched to WordPress, my hits doubled my blogger hits in something like a month or two…

    It's also much easier to use (in my opinion – you can also better track your comments with other WP blibliobloggers and so on, you can do all kinds of things (again, in my opinion) much better on WP than Blogger. really, you can – think about it!

    also, probably more people would love to comment on your posts and interact with you more but they just don't like all the hassle with commenting on blogger blogs – so they refrain from commenting (or comment on their own blog and link it back to you.


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