Who really deserves the Honest Scrap Award?

Who really deserves the Honest Scrap Award? I have been tagged by TC Robinson who was in turn tagged by Polycarp (and I don’t know how much further back other taggers go?)

I’m supposed to tell you 10 HONEST things about myself and then nominate 7 other blogs that I think deserve to receive the Honest Scrap Award.

Here goes my ten honest things about myself:

  1. I drive a black Volkswagon Golf and would never want to switch to another car (except maybe for a Jetta someday).
  2. I never watch TV anymore because I don’t have cable or satellite, and I don’t regret it for one second.
  3. I like science fiction shows and movies, and also thriller dramas, and I do not like horror.
  4. I’m a thinker-type, as opposed to a feeler-type and so admit that I don’t have a lot of patience for people who don’t make any sense when they get angry or flustered. But I have to try since I am a pastor and a pastor is suppose to provide some pastoral care to people.
  5. I was ordained back in April 2009 in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.
  6. Preaching really turns me on.
  7. I’m a closet Calvinist but since I’m confessing this, I might as well call myself as a new Calvinist.
  8. Politically, I’m a conservative who likes Barack Obama.
  9. I have lived in three Canadian provinces (B.C., Ontario and Saskatchewan) and one U.S. state (Virginia).
  10. I have mostly been a city slicker all my life but I’m currently living in a small town and have lived in one other small town before my current town of Davidson, Sask.

Now I nominate seven nominees:

  1. Peter Kirk
  2. CD-Host
  3. Stan McCullars
  4. Timothy (Catholic Bibles)
  5. Rich (Exegete Reflections)
  6. ElShaddai Edwards
  7. Gary Zimmerli

13 thoughts on “Who really deserves the Honest Scrap Award?

  1. I haven’t forgotten my nomination, but I have been a bit distracted about communion. Now you are on WordPress I am all the more likely to respond.


  2. Brian, I've been seriously considering coming over to WordPress for a long time. I even have an account but haven't done anything with it.


  3. Volkswagon Golf's are sweet cars – great gas milage too! I can identify with you on being a thinker type. Congrats on your ordination! I am not a closet calvinist. 😉 We also don't have TV and mainly because in our situation we just can't afford it and if we could we'd probably still opt out, we'd just sucked in. Our TV is cbs/nbc/abc.com if we want to get caught up on NICS or something or watch old MacGyver episodes!

    ps – When are you coming over to WordPress? You can transfer everything over with no problems and get tons of more interaction! Let us know! 🙂


  4. Gary, I was just thinking the same thing about Reagan and Obama.

    Tim, right on!

    TC, the TV thing or lack of it was not really intentional.


  5. Aw, we'll forgive you for liking Obama, Kev. After all, there were lots of liberals who liked Ronald Reagan. B.O. is a likable guy, too. It's his politics that scare me!


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