I would like to be a Calminian, but I’m not convinced

Craig Blomberg has just posted on the Koinonia blog about the middle position between Calvinism and Arminianism, which he labels as “Calminian”. I am not sure about this position. When it comes down to it, it seems to end up sounding like a form of Arminianism to me. The scriptures he refers to are also used to defend the 5-points of Calvinism. I don’t claim to be an expert in the Calvinist-Arminian debate and I would like to do further study in this middle position he describes as Molinism (named after the medieval Jesuit priest Molina).

Aside from this debate, I love his understanding because his quote indicates his struggle in this debate:

“so many Bible-believing, godly evangelical Christians would have wound up on each side. The former wants to preserve the Scriptural emphasis on divine sovereignty; the latter, on human freedom and responsibility. Both are right in what they want and correct to observe in Scripture the theme that they stress.”

I can really sympathize with how Blomberg feels about this. He is right when both sides create caricatures of what the other side believes. I have seen and read it in books and I just laugh about it when I see it. These caricatures that Arminians are selfish and refuse to submit to the sovereign will of God is laughable. And the caricature that Calvinists are merciless and heartless souls who agree that God delights in condemning many to hell is also laughable.

Sometimes, I wish I was neither a Calvinists or an Arminian. But sometimes I take pride in the 5-points of Calvinism. And I also can sympathize with my Arminian brothers and sisters because I was one myself.

3 thoughts on “I would like to be a Calminian, but I’m not convinced

  1. Tim, thanks for the recommendation. From the customer reviews on Amazon, it seems like it might be a heavy read but that's good to dig deep into its theology. I may consider this book in the future.

    I gather you've read it already?


  2. Kevin,
    For a Calvinist articulation of Molinism, you might check out Bruce Ware's "God's Greater Glory". William Lane Craig also advocates an Arminian version of Molinism. In fact, Ware's book has a nice appendix including Craig's critique of Ware's position, and Ware's rebuttal. If you're interested in the topic, it's a good introduction.


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