Just getting settled in and will be back to blogging

Okay, I’ve had my holiday time and still feel like staying away from blogging for a while because life is more simpler but also more complicated too. Adjusting to new life in a new town and getting use to new people can be stressful. Any kind of change adds stress to life so I’ve tried to move slowly into this new phase of my life.

I also noticed I have nearly 900 unread posts in my google reader and I’m catching up to what everyone has been blogging about. I really like what I’ve seen in everyone’s blogs. I’ll be reading your blogs and some books too. Right now I’m content just reading what you’re all blogging about. I’ll be back to blogging some time soon.

3 thoughts on “Just getting settled in and will be back to blogging

  1. Kevin, I enjoy reading your blogs. I'm glad to hear you will be back blogging again.

    T <><


  2. Thanks Gary. That`s good advice. I think blogging has really helped me to sharpen my biblical and theological thoughts. Anyways, it`s good to see your face again.


  3. Hi Kevin! Good to see you're back! But keep your priorities straight. Your congregation needs you much more than we bloggers do.

    Even so, we'll be happy to read whatever you want to write for us, and participate in discussions with you. You know, blogging can be a good tool for a pastor.

    BTW, a belated congrats and God bless to you!


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