Making one-sided prayers

The most significant current events around the world include the situation happening in Iran. The political unrest amongst the people is creating civil chaos that has become quite violent. There is injustice. There is blatant dishonesty in the current government. But I forgot to pray for the people in Iran. My question is: “Is it okay to pray for political issues like the political unrest in Iran?” Some churches feel it is okay to pray for one side of the issue but this is risky. If we’re careful we probably should not pray for or against one side because we do not have any hard evidence and information regarding how the election was handled in Iran. Should we Christians take sides and pray for one government over another? I think it’s better to be careful and refrain from making public prayers for one side or another because we might have wrong information. Personally, I don’t trust all our public information and news from television or even our newspapers. Even President Obama is being more careful about his public comments and isn’t making any one-sided opinions about this issue. However, I think the one thing we can pray for is for peace and for the truth to be revealed.

Where were you when you heard Michael Jackson died?

I do not know why this story is important enough to bring me back to blogging but it is. Where were you when you heard that Michael Jackson had died? As I was returning home today on Highway #44 from a visit with parishioners this late afternoon, I turned on the radio in the car and tuned into news radio. I was stunned and felt a loss inside. The older generation will remember exactly where they were and what they were doing when they received the news when JFK was shot in Texas and had died. And just as people will remember exactly where they were when the Twin Towers tumbled in NYC, I will remember where I was when I heard that Michael Jackson suddenly died.

For some, Michael Jackson’s death has little significance, but for me, he was a real huge icon in my era. Yes, I do feel kind of sad and feel a part of me has died today. Why? Maybe it’s because, as a kid, I learned how to moonwalk from watching Michael Jackson videos of Thriller…. maybe it’s because I remember listening to hits like Thriller, Beat it, Billie Jean, Say Say Say, etc. Yes, I admit I was a fan of him when he was at his peak of pop stardom. I liked his music, his dancing and his originality. Regardless of the bad stuff that happened in the latter stages of his life, he will be remembered by millions of people around the world who liked his music. My thoughts and prayers are with him and may God be with his family members.

Just getting settled in and will be back to blogging

Okay, I’ve had my holiday time and still feel like staying away from blogging for a while because life is more simpler but also more complicated too. Adjusting to new life in a new town and getting use to new people can be stressful. Any kind of change adds stress to life so I’ve tried to move slowly into this new phase of my life.

I also noticed I have nearly 900 unread posts in my google reader and I’m catching up to what everyone has been blogging about. I really like what I’ve seen in everyone’s blogs. I’ll be reading your blogs and some books too. Right now I’m content just reading what you’re all blogging about. I’ll be back to blogging some time soon.