How do you listen to your Christian music?

I recently bought a WOW Hits 1 CD from 2008 and found a few artists and groups with some really awesome songs, e.g., Jeremy Camp (“Give You Glory”), Newsboys (“In Wonder”), Point of Grace (“All the World”)and Third Day (“Tunnel”). Okay, I’m not on the cutting edge music scene. I’ve discovered that getting the WOW #1s CDs are a good way to go if you don’t have the bucks to spend on to collect all your favourite Christian artists. I don’t know why I didn’t start doing this sooner. My next one will probably be Wow Hits 1 2009.

Anyways, I realize that listening to Christian music over the radio is good too but the problem is that Christian radio doesn’t necessary play all the good stuff. So I was wondering why radio didn’t play all these new good stuff. I’ve learned that the Canadian regulatory agency CRTC restricts how much non-Canadian content can be played on the radio. I don’t like this kind of over-regulation.

I’ve been thinking of Internet radio would would be a good option to get around this regulation but I can’t really get Internet radio in my car when I travel, which is when I usually listen to Christian music. This exists now but I would have to subscribe to this service.

How do you listen to your Christian music?

5 thoughts on “How do you listen to your Christian music?

  1. Jake, thanks for coming around NewEpistles. Getting CDs for the low price of $6.99 on BMG is not a bad deal. Sure beats paying more than $10.


  2. I buy the artists CDs… I find a lot of good songs that way that you miss from compliation CDs (although I do have a few compliation CDs) and the radio. I try to find the best deals… I get many CDs from BMG Music which has good deals and I ask for them from a little more extended family for presents since they’re the right price range.


  3. I listen XM in the car. But I originally got it to listen to baseball games, not for the music. Although I like the wide variety of music.


  4. David, thanks for the link to the article and for visiting NewEpistles. I listen to KLove but I’ll have to check out Air1 too. XM radio cost $$ and I’m cheap but I’ll definitely have to consider this as an option. Do you listen to it in your car or on the computer?

    I’ll have to read the article when I get some time. Got to run.


  5. As I write this I am listening to Air1 radio on the internet. They play Christian music that is edgier than their sister station KLove. The problem with any radio station is the fact that they have a tight rotation of a limited number of songs. I also listen to the Message on Sirius XM. But mostly I listen to the CDs I buy.
    Also, check out this article
    concerning the state of radio today.


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