5 thoughts on “Congratulations to Crossway on the ESV Study Bible

  1. Yes, congrats! As a Study Bible, in terms of organization, it’s the best there is.

    No doubt.


  2. Kevin, I have been reading mostly from the ESV for the last month or so and have been enjoying it. There are the occasional oddly worded verses such as:

    You shall eat old store long kept (Leviticus 26:10)

    But by and large the wording is good and it’s trustworthy.


  3. Stan and Timothy, even though some people have gone negative about the ESV, I still think it is a great study bible and a very good translation. You won’t be disappointed.


  4. While I will probably never actually own the ESV Study Bible for various reasons, I will say that I think it is one of the most unique and well put together study Bibles on the market. The maps and graphics are top notch! It really has all the tools one needs.


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