Call to politicians: honesty and fairness needed

I hope that Pres. Barack Obama and the Democratic-led Congress can do the right thing to set things in place to help stimulate the economy and get it back into gear. Hopefully a stimulus package can help but it should not be seen as a salvation for the economy; but who says lower taxes and wiser spending can’t help either? None of these can guarantee anything to stimulate the economy but we seem to put so much premium in our human ways and means.

No matter what political persuasion we align ourselves to, we do need to pray for President Obama, his Administration, and Congress to get through this economic downturn . Whether we admit it, or not, the fact is that other nations, including Canada, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world, are also relying on the success of the American economy because almost every nation around the world today is, in many ways, interconnected and interdependent upon one another. Whether we like it or not, we are living in a global economy; and when one nation “sneezes”, other nations will somehow be affected. Whether our economies are in an upturn or a downturn, we need to help one another within this community of nations. St. Paul says that we, as a church, are each interconnected and interdependent upon one another because we are all members in the body of Christ. If Christ calls us individually to live as a community of people within our immediate world, then Christ’s call to live in community also applies to our community of nations; and as a community of nations, Christ also calls us to genuinely care for other nations around the world. We must never allow ourselves to live as islands unto ourselves. To do so is to ignore the call of Christ to love and serve one another. Let us live and act justly while relying upon the power of the Holy Spirit to love God and love one another.

In the world of politics, this Christian principle can and should ideally be applied in the world of politics. Democrats need Republicans and Republican ideas, and Republicans need Democrats and Democratic ideas. Policies and ideas get hashed out in debate in both houses and committees but don’t often get done with much honor. I wish politicians played fairly and honestly. There are many people who haven’t given up on politicians but I think people do want to listen to politicians if they speak and act with fairness. We need politicians and political operatives who are committed to acting being honest, just and fair.

Now that President Barack Obama has been president for about one month, I whole-hearted wish him congratulations. I was happy to see his inauguration and was very impressed with his speech. However, we should not forget about the good things that the Bush administration has done either. I believe the press and Democratic political operatives have been overly harsh with Bush’s record. God bless former President George Bush. President Obama honoured him on Inauguration Day by seeing him off when they stood on those steps of Congress waiting for the helicopter to land . Despite Bush’s blunder on the Iraq War, some of his policies, overall, have done some good for America and for other nations around the world. Pro-Democrats have harked on and on about the Bush Administration’s mishandling of the economy. I’m tired of hearing this. It’s the Democrats’ turn now and they’ll be on the hot seat.

Many may disagree with me but I think the Republicans have actually handled the economy very well, or at least as well as anyone else could have done with what they had. The economy during the two terms under George Bush cranked into high gear and grew in strength since the Clinton Administration. More jobs were created during the Bush Administration and the economy got so hot that it overheated into a housing crisis. The housing crisis was not a result of George Bush’s policies because it was a direct result of the banks’ bad judgment for handing out too many loans to home buyers who could not afford to pay their mortgage payments when the economy overheated. I feel badly for the many millions of hardworking homeowners who saved up for their down payments only to lose it all in the end. If anything could have been done to prevent this housing crisis, it could have been done way back in 2003. The new RNC Chairperson, Michael Steele, reminded George Stephanopoulos, a Democratic advisor-turned-political commentator on ABC, that President George Bush introduced a bill back in 2003 to correct the dangers inherent in Fannie and Freddie. However, the Democratic-led committee refused to allow this bill to be addressed in Congress. Democrats also need to take responsibility and stop this blame game. Now they say they want cooperation but they refuse to take any responsibility for what happened back then?

People who can only complain, criticize, and are self-seeking are selfish and are blowing hot air and people recognize this when it happens. We are not blind and can’t be easily fooled. Talk-only doesn’t cut it. We need fair and honest people in government in all political parties who act fairly, honestly, and justly. Let’s hope and pray that the Obama Administration can do this. May God bless President Barack Obama and give him the strength to do the right thing.

2 thoughts on “Call to politicians: honesty and fairness needed

  1. Rich, yes Barney Frank and H. Reid would both love the idea of making housing affordable to everyone, even to those who can’t realistically afford to make payments in times of downturn. Who is responsible for handing out risky loans that ultimately led people into unwise personal financial commitment they couldn’t afford? They have unfairly placed the blame on Bush when Bush actually wanted to fix the holes back in 2003. I don’t know if they will ever reveal the truth since the Democrats are in control of the committees.


  2. Long term financial problems cannot be remedied in a few weeks of work. We didn’t get into this trouble by a policy of one President. The cumulative effects of several administrations and congresses contribute to the current problems. The sin will find you out.

    I just hope that investigations are thorough enough to reveal how B. Frank, H. Reid, et. al. as well as Republicans, exploited the housing issues when it seemed to offer nothing but bright lights.



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