Reading the bible from the New Living Translation 24/7

Thanks to Laura Bartlett at Tyndale House Publishers who sent me the new 24/7 A One Year Chronological Bible to review.

Upon first opening the package from Tyndale, I was surprised by its small size. It is the same height as my pocket bible except it’s a lot thicker, about twice as thick as my pocket bible. It has about 2200 pages. It comes in both paperback and hardcover. I have to say that the design of the front cover is quite attractive. I like the hip design of the two fishes on the front and back cover. It’s post-modern and it would definitely appeal to this generation. Its small enough that it wouldn’t take up a lot of space in the office and it would be something that you could read during your lunch break.

As I was first scanning through its pages, I felt that the 24/7 bible did not appear like a traditional bible; and it isn’t. The beautiful watermarks of twelve historic Christian symbols are what make this bible stand out from the rest. If you like art, these watermarks on each page will liven up your day. I really like the design because these classical pictorial watermarks add a unique flavour to each page for each day. For example, there’s the crown of thorns, the dove, the cup of the Last Supper, the basin and bowl, the lamb and the cross, the seven lampstands, plus more. There is a new symbol for each month. An artist was commissioned by Tyndale to create new woodblock prints just for this bible. I think it’s a wonderfully creative idea. That’s what makes the pages beautiful.

On the inside, the text is written in single column format, which is awesome. The font is about 8 or 9 so if the print was just a tad darker, it would have been easier to read. So next printing, please make the print a little bolder. At the back of the bible, there is a daily reading guide which shows the daily sections of texts for each day. Each day varies as to the variety of passages. For example, on January 3, the Genesis and 1 Chronicles readings alternate 7 times so that you won’t feel that you’re reading an endless chunk of the same genre of scripture. On April 6, the reading is only Judges 19-22. On November 5, the readings alternate between all four gospels eleven times.

If you want to read the bible according to the order of biblical events, then this would be a good way to do this. The introduction states: “This edition of 24/7 contains the entire text of the New Living Translation, arranged in the order the events actually occurred. This unique viewpoint allows you to read the whole Bible as a single story and to see the unfolding of God’s plan in history.”

The New Testament begins on September 24 with Mark 1. I don’t think 99.9% of regular bible readers could read the bible straight through without also reading from the gospels. If you’re like me and have always wanted to read the bible in chronological order but also fear that you have to read the Old Testament until September before getting to the New Testament, then you have to come up with a solution. I will also read a bit from either the gospels or the epistles. That’s the plan.

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