November 11 is Remembrance Day: "Lest We Forget"

Lest we forget. November 11, 2008 is Remembrance Day in Canada in honour of our Canadian veterans who died in the service of our country. I’m way too young to remember any of this but I appreciate what the veterans have done to protect and secure our freedoms. I have seen many senior veterans dressed in their uniforms and proudly tell their stories. I remember my 2nd grade school teacher Mr. Sage tell us his story in the trenches. He broke down into tears telling our class. I didn’t know how to appreciate his stories back then but I do remember his heartaches and even the tears he shed while telling them. He and many others like him suffered and died in combat for the freedoms we have today. I appreciate and thank them for their loyalty and their service to country. God bless them and their families.

I’d like to show off some proud moments of our little-known Canadian history. I’ve seen all 14 of these are historical minutes on video but these three here are my favorites.

Osborn of Hong Kong | Valour Road | Home from the Wars

The young Canadian men and women sacrificed their livelihood, love and safety of home to defend the rights and freedoms we have today. So I want to express my appreciation and thanks for these men and women today. (picture: Victoria Cross, Canada’s highest medal of honor.)

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