My hope in the days ahead | Post-election posts

1. Due to some busy-ness in my school work and final exam, I have not been able to blog as much as before. I do miss blogging with my network of biblioblogger friends who keep me informed and my intellect in active mode. Very shortly, the next few weeks marks the end of my seminary days, and new days ahead as an ordained pastor. I am really looking forward to the future because I hope to be ordained in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada…God-willing.

2. In the future, I will be doing more reviews, including the ESV Study Bible. I am more impressed with this study bible each day I use it. John Hobbins at Ancient Hebrew Poetry is currently doing a series on the comparison of the Psalms between the NLT Study Bible and the ESV Study Bible. I am following this but I wish my Hebrew was better.

3. I wish we Christians can be more thoughtful than knee-jerk reactionary partisans (myself included). I like some of the posts some of us bibliobloggers have been blogging about after the election. David Ker briefly left his blogging sabbatical and posted an interesting election-related post on “Why American Christians look so stupid and what you can do about it.” I also found John Hobbins, Peter Kirk, and Doug Chaplin with interesting posts on the post-election.

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