Barack Obama is the new President-elect: Congratulations!

Tonight’s election victory belongs to Sen. Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. It was an overwhelming victory, and it was truly an historic day for the nation of the United States of America. Obama won the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania earlier in the evening; this gave a strong indication where the country would be heading in terms of the election results. Obama also took the west coast states of California, Oregon and Washington. Even coming into the election ahead in the polls, I personally did not expect such a landslide victory; well, it turns out that it definitely was a landslide. Obama won 338 and McCain won 156 of the electoral college votes.

With President-elect Barack Obama taking the Oval Office in the White House, I think he will introduce a new and positive image of America domestically and internationally. Perhaps this will correct the negative international image that America has had under the Bush Administration. America has had a negative image outside of the United States; and it was primarily due to the unpopular war on Iraq.

But that aside, President-elect Barack Obama will be well liked by much of modern America, particularly by the younger generations, whites and non-whites, alike. The younger generations do want to see postive change in society, including myself. Though I am personally conservative in my worldview, including my politics, I do think Obama will bring a new freedom and a new way society perceives itself. This will affect a new way of doing public policy and politics for the United States. It will also affect how other nations treat the United States. I perceive that there will be a new hope and also a bright light that will come to the people in this nation. May God bless the new President, Barack Obama, and may God bless America!

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