Let’s ask deeper questions to probe reality–not fear

It seems there is a double standard out there. Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska is a first term Governor, just as, Sen. Barack Obama, is also a first term Senator. The fact is that the responsibilities of a state governor is much greater than that of a senator; however, there are more polls out there questioning Gov. Sarah Palin’s ability to perform as a potential President if John McCain was the President-elect but was forced to leave office in case of ill health or death. The very questions posed by opinion polls can be used to make suggestions and plant seeds of doubt based on fear rather than reality. Thinking American people should be looking at reality. Opinion polls are not capable of asking these types of deeper questions. Only real people are capable of doing so. I hope everyone will ask ourselves these questions before the election is over.

1/ How did Gov. Sarah Palin do in office as governor of Alaska? Then compare this with findings from the following question: How did Sen. Barack Obama do in office as senator of Illinois?

2/ Why is there a double standard? Is it because Gov. Sarah Palin is a woman?

3/ Are opinion polls such as this one from Abraham & Harrison funded by Democratic or Republican supporters?

10 thoughts on “Let’s ask deeper questions to probe reality–not fear

  1. Nathan, I think you’re onto something. All issues of both parties are important and equally legitimate. They need to be heard and that’s why I love democracy.


  2. It would be nice to have a candidate or party that would support all of the issues I care about, instead of having me choose between lesser of two evils.


  3. Nathan,
    I’m not going to belabor the point so this will be my last comment on the topic, at least in this thread. 😉

    I have very little knowledge of history so I can only speculate what people in the U.S. were thinking when they voted in various elections prior to the Civil War. I suspect they had economic and other social concerns that for them trumped the issue of slavery.

    I suspect prior to the end of The War many Germans had their own list of social concerns that for them trumped the treatment of the Jews.

    In both cases I would suggest that the citizens’ priorities were not where they should have been. Like Dr. Uwe Siemon-Netto wrote in the article I referenced above many of those voters probably had more pressing concerns.

    When someone’s life is on the line other things matter little to that person’s loved ones. For instance, I have a niece who will be in need of a heart transplant in a few years. Insurance will not cover the entire expense as the likelihood of survival is not too great. My sister will need over $250,000 which she does not have. As much as some of my investments and real estate would help me in my future retirement, I would gladly liquidate all my holdings to get my niece a new heart. My later years will not be as comfortable as they might have been but I couldn’t enjoy any of my riches if I didn’t try to help my niece.

    These babies being murdered, which we both agree is horrible, deserve a similar sacrifice in my opinion. I see no other social issues coming in even a close second.

    That’s all I have (for this thread).

    Peace my brother.


  4. Stan, as much as I hate abortion, I think that there are other social issues that have just as much weight.

    Kevin, I agree with you that I wish there was more coverage of Biden. He’s been around long enough though I think we’d have heard something by now if there was anything major to be concerned about.


  5. In all honesty, I would vote for a pro-life hamburger flipper for president before I would vote for a pro-abortion politician.


  6. Nathan, thanks for the links. I watched them and I agree that she doesn’t seem to have a good grasp on some of the issues. The advantage that Obama has is that being a U.S. senator helps also helps him to familiarize himself with national issues. But I still think Palin is more experienced in political administration. Palin’s majored in journalism-communications and minored in political science.

    Obama and Palin are different political animals too, and they both speak differently. Obama has a natural gift of the gab. Palin does too, but her words seems to come from the gut so they’re not as refined as Obama’s keen logical presentation.

    And to be fair, we also need to compare Palin with Joe Biden. I haven’t really heard much about Biden’s history.


  7. I think the main problem people have with Palin is based on how she expresses herself. If you’ve heard her speak for more than two to three minutes then you’ll know what I’m talking about. It is obvious that she is not very well educated, and that she doesn’t have much understanding of the world outside of the US. Obama on the other hand has a much better grasp of the issues, even if he’s lacking executive experience. Palin’s interviews with Katie were all the truth anyone needs to know about Palin and sealed my vote for Obama. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here’s three interviews for starters:

    Palin’s foreign policy
    Palin on the economy
    Palin on her worldview


  8. Thanks Stan for the link to this good article. I respect Dr. Uwe Siemon-Netto for his moral concerns that many Lutherans in the ELCA/ELCIC do not ask, such as abortion. This is definitely a pressing question.


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