Gov. Sarah Palin would be an inspirational Vice-President

Gov. Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, has made Republicans and conservatives proud. Her speech totally wowed many people. She gave a masterful and rousing speech at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, MN. If there were any undecided voters out there with any doubts about her political prowess and ability to harness support, it has definitely dissipated. She exuded passion, inspiration, and confidence. She also spoke from the heart, and this won over the trust of many voters because they saw that she was genuine. Voters long to see political candidates who are the real deal–not fakes. That’s also why many people are so inspired by Barack Obama. I saw Palin’s leadership and glimpse of political ability tonight at this Republican convention. Conservatives with any hesitation will no longer doubt her ability as a politician. They’ve had a glimpse of who she is. I sense that Palin does have the political will to reform and fight against the big guns in Washington, and the guts to fight against the establishments of power, the Washington elites, and dishonest money-hungry corporations too. She appeals to a wider conservative base who are average working class people (lower-middle to middle class folks). That’s the type of leadership America needs today. She was heard loud and clear by many people in heartland America who were wondering if she had the heart and soul to be the fighter and reformer insiders described her to be. She definitely showed that she does; and I feel that she is definitely a leader many could trust as Vice-President to get the job done.

Palin’s charisma, sincerity and toughness may have taken Democrats by surprise. Many likely did not know what to expect from this Republican Vice-Presidential nominee. I suspect many Democratic supporters of Obama/Biden are now reeling from shock and surprise after listening to her spectacular speech. She will definitely be a force to be reckoned by the Democratic ticket during this election campaign. Democrats now know that Sarah Palin is no pushover mayor-turned-Governor. She’s a genuine and authentic conservative, and a strong political leader who can walk the talk and lead with action. She can rally the Republican supporters, and also excite undecided voters who are looking for a leader who can lead effectively. I look forward to seeing and hearing more from Gov. Sarah Palin, potential Vice-President of the United States.

3 thoughts on “Gov. Sarah Palin would be an inspirational Vice-President

  1. I’ve just watched most of it. It was better than her acceptance speech, but not nearly as good as what it has been built up to be. I suppose we’ll be fine no matter which pair wins, but it’s going to be a fun run to Nov.


  2. Unfortunately I missed that speech. I’m going to have to look it up online somewhere because I’d really like to hear it.


  3. Good post. It’s refreshing to have a VP candidate who enthusiastically loves all children, born and still in the womb.

    I pray her example may be a force to put an end to our culture of death.


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