Some notable posts in the blogosphere

I have been taking a rest from blogging for a few weeks and have found it restful to just concentrate on my family. Once again, I’ll likely be away in the near future so ElShaddai’s quote sort of describes where I am these lazy summer days: “Seems in vogue these days to post about why we’re not posting much.” In looking back at the posts that I’ve missed, I would like to note some interesting posts by some of my favorite bloggers.

He is Sufficient has an interesting post on the ESV with Apocrypha. I think an evangelical translation with the apocrypha is a good thing—even if it is not as consistent about gender issues as the TNIV or NLT.

Though it was from July 12, New Leaven on how the REB and TNIV renders the Greek word sarx in Rom. 8:3 was quite interesting. I like this exegetical stuff.

And over at Better Bibles Blog, Suzanne McCarthy blogged about ESV’s handling of Romans 3:12. So she does agree with something the ESV did right. I guess there are a few redemptive points about the ESV, eh Suzanne? And Wayne Leman does not agree with NewEpistles’s characterization of the HCSB as a Baptist translation. I’ll need to explain why in more detail.

Thanks Gentle Wisdom for continuing his posts on Todd Bentley’s charismatic ministry. This is one of the Charismatic ministries I should keep up-to-date with. It is a significant ministry in the universal church.

And I extend my congratulations to NLT for establishing a blog for the New Living Translation at

4 thoughts on “Some notable posts in the blogosphere

  1. Robert, thanks for coming around. We’re not professional bloggers who make a living doing blogging so do we have to keep our life priorities in tact. I’m glad you’re enjoying your social network.


  2. Hey Kevin, I too have been to busy to blog, although all I really did was cease blogging at my site, and started blogging at other sites. Still read yours, and and Nicks, and I have been keeping up with a Social Network I started, that has been fun.

    So I am inactive but active. Glad you are resting and spending time with your family.


  3. Kevin, thanks for the link – I’ll be very curious to see what the evangelical reaction to an ESV Apocrypha is.


  4. Thanks for the link, Kevin. I believe we’ll all excited about the NLT blog. By the way, the move the WP is worth it. Remember you can important all your posts and comments.


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