Meme: my translation of Colossians 3:1-3

TC Robinson has tagged me with a meme to translate Colossians 3:1-3. I finally got to it. The rules are:

1. Be contemporary
2. Be idiomatic and free as possible.
3. Parsing is optional.

Here’s the Greek text:

Ε ον συνηγρθητε τ Χριστ, τ νω ζητετε, ο Χριστς στιν ν δεξι το θεο καθμενος· τ νω φρονετε, μ τ π τς γς. 3 πεθνετε γρ κα ζω μν κκρυπται σν τ Χριστ ν τ θε.

TC presented a challenging text to translate. I tried to keep it short, so here it is.

“So if you have been resurrected together with Christ, seek after the things above, where Christ is seated in power at God’s right side. Be concerned about things above, not about earthly things, for you have died, and now your new life, which is unseen, is with Christ in God.”

2 thoughts on “Meme: my translation of Colossians 3:1-3

  1. I was thinking about going with “hidden” or “concealed” but I thought “unseen” could be within your idiomatic parameters.


  2. Kevin, yes, short and sweet. I love it! “Unseen” for the Greek κέκρυπται is quite a spin. Not bad!


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